Portfolio in english


My biography:

Kerstin Wessberg, born i Stockholm 1960, now living in Värmland Sweden. Member of Värmland artist covenant and The Swedish Artists National Oranisation.

I paint mostly in egg tempera, wich I make myself with emoution and pigment. I also use acrylic and collage. The paintings at this side is egg tempera, exept the two portraits wich is acrylic.

I am very inspirated from folk-art and expressionism.

About myself and my goals:

I see myself as a painting storyteller, and the flats and forms must be free and breath. Suddenly I´m just suprised and happy when I see my painting, then I know it has it´s story.   

Nocturnal visit, 70*85 cm, egg tempera

Where are the men when you need them? 70*80 cm, egg tempera

Grumpy moose, 60 *75 cm, egg tempera

She sleeps, 75 * 60 cm, egg tempera

Zebra in town, 60 * 65 cm, egg tempera

Dreamcreatures are awake, 70 * 75 cm, egg tempera

South of town, 70 * 70 cm, egg tempera

Proud oatsbird, 30*30 cm, egg tempera

Blue bird, 80*75 cm, egg tempera

Portrait in green and red, 50*40 cm, acrylic

Elephant walk, 60 * 60 cm, egg tempera

Portrait whith green hair, 60 * 50 cm, acrylic

Love, 65 * 45 cm, egg tempera